ILIAS is a free software for operating a learning platform that can be used to create and make available internet-based teaching and learning materials (for e-learning) as well as to realize communication and cooperation between teachers and students, examinations and evaluation as well as didactic structures for complete courses. The possible uses of the software are also reflected in the name ILIAS, which stands for Integrated Learning, Information and Work Cooperation System.

Since 2000, ILIAS has been used as open source software at numerous universities, academies and further education institutions in various countries (as at the end of 2009: around 2500 known reference installations). Many companies and administrative organizations now also use the platform for training and further education measures. NATO has also been using ILIAS as a learning platform since 2006. The Bavarian police have been using ILIAS as an electronic learning platform (LP-Pol) since 2013.

Typical application areas of ILIAS

Employee training

Implementation of mandatory and voluntary e-learning courses, including reminder and escalation mechanisms, various reports and criteria-based course allocation automatisms.


Traditional e-learning at academies, technical colleges, schools and universities in private, public or ecclesiastical hands – in addition to or as an alternative to face-to-face learning.